Terms and Conditions

1. Overseas Property provides a web site on which holiday homeowners can advertise their properties. We do not take bookings on behalf of these clients.

2. It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all the information relating to the advertised property is a true and accurate description. If you fail to provide the correct information you may be in breach of the Trades Description Act and the Consumer Protection Act, which protect the public from misleading descriptions and prices. We reproduce the information, which we have received from our advertisers in good faith and will not accept liability for any losses, which may occur if we have been sent misleading information.

3. All the advertisement pages are designed and managed by Overseas Property We will reproduce the information provided based on the form which is submitted but if we feel the advertisement would benefit from changes we will contact you with suggestions. We will not accept any liability for any losses, which may be incurred as a result of any changes you agree to.

4. Overseas Property will not accept any liability for losses, which may occur as the result of breaches of copyright. If the photographs supplied are not the property of the advertiser it is their responsibility to ensure that they obtain permission to reproduce the photograph. We will ensure that any fake rolex images we receive will be stored safely and will not be passed on to third parties. All images on the Overseas Property website are the property of the company and may not under any circumstances be reproduced elsewhere.

5. Overseas Property respects the privacy of its clients and will not knowingly pass on any personal details to third parties. Your name and contact phone number will appear on your advert together with a link to your own website if you have one. Any websites, which promote other business apart from the advertised property will not be accepted.

6. Email addresses will not be seen and all email enquiries will be routed through our own site. Inappropriate email approaches will not be tolerated especially those of a commercial nature.

7. Overseas Property will do all they can to provide a superior service for their clients. We will always try to process new adverts within 5 working days however there may be rare occasions when this is not possible. There may also be occasions when we experience hardware or network failure, which is beyond our control resulting in the temporary disruption of the site. We will work hard to rectify problems such as this but we will not accept liability for any losses, which may occur as a result of these problems.

8. Overseas Property reserve the right to refuse a new advertiser or to remove an existing advert without notice. This may occur if we receive a complaint about an advertiser, which is proved to be reasonable. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service for homeowners and travellers and will not tolerate adverts, which do not conform to our standards or which are perceived to be deliberately trying to con the public. In these circumstances we will not offer a refund and will not be held responsible or liable for any losses, which may occur.

Advertisers may withdraw their property at any time and we will offer a refund on a pro rata basis less a 15.00 admin fee.


Overseas Property provides a database of holiday rentals, resale and new build properties which are being advertised directly by the home owners.

We do not under any circumstances take bookings on behalf of the homeowners and we strongly recommend that you confirm all the details about the property including the terms and conditions by letter or email prior to paying the balance of monies owed.

The details of the properties advertised have been supplied to us direct from the owners and we have advertised those details in good faith. They have not been verified by us and we will not be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions or any misunderstandings, disputes, losses or claims which may result from a booking or any other transaction made with one of our advertisers.

It should be remembered that occasionally details of the properties do change and you should always verify with the owner at the time of booking that the advertisement is accurate.

Overseas Property respects the privacy of its clients and will never knowingly pass on private information to third parties. The material used on this web site remains the property of the company and client and may not be reproduced.

Overseas Property aims to provide a continuous service for its clients but we cannot be held responsible for network or hardware failure. We will always work hard to ensure faults are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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